All tracks finished!

All tracks finished!

Hello followers, greetings from the 15th track! Yes, great news: all the fiftheen circuits are now completed! Yay!

This means that now here comes all the graphical part of the whole work: starting in three days, I’ll begin to work on all the 3d models and textures for surrounding landscapes and scenery objects around the track. This part of the project is almost straightforward (it’s only graphical, after all), but it’s quite time-consuming. Not that this could be a problem!

Then, as soon as I have some good looking screenshots, I’ll start to advertise my game on mobile gaming and indie development portals, so this App can get the right interest among players. Doesn’t this game deserve some attention? :D

Greetings from the 15th track!

Let’s call this little update done, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and have a nice [insert actual activity here]! Stay tuned!

Mr. Drayton

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