And finally, back to coding!

And finally, back to coding!

Dear followers, I’m so much sorry for the huge delay in this project, caused by an unwanted and pressing work. It took me away from my Macbook about one month and an half, more than 15 hours per day. I only had about two hours free at night, but I was too tired to code properly… But finally this work is now over, and from today I’ll be back coding Beach Marbles Racing!

And I’m sorry again, since I didn’t work on the game during this delay, I actually have nothing new to show. But this project is not dead, it will never be, and further delays will not longer be permitted: now it’s only matter of days and new updates will come out soon!

Also, I have an estimated time for the release of the final game: I want to complete the project by the end of November. I’ll do everything to be in line with this date.

Remember that you can receive updates from this game following SGX’s Twitter account, following my personal account on Google+, or even on my Tumblr profile (but this is more like a personal page). A Facebook page about SGX is planned in the days coming.

I can now say it: stay tuned and check back soon! Thanks to all of you who take costant visits to this blog: it’s vital for me and for SGX!

Have a good [insert your dream here]!

Mr. Drayton

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