Back from Codemotion 2012!

Back from Codemotion 2012!

Welcome back dear followers! Or better, welcome back to me…

First thing first: sorry! More than a month passed since my last update, and this Dev Diary sleeped for all this time… But since the previous post, I found more than 250 visits! So, thanks a lot for your interest, you don’t know how much it’s important to me. :)

So, what happened this month? I’m still working on that Pizzeria website, because the customer is SO DAMN SLOW at letting me know about what he wants in the site. It’s still almost empty… I also had been ill for two consecutive weeks, but tried to create a small 2.5D racer tech demo. But let’s walk step by step.


– Codemotion 2012Gaming areaHeld in Rome this 23th and 24th of May, Codemotion is the annual event dedicated to all development technologies and languages. And since there was a small area dedicated to gaming (shown the in photo), we indie developers had a good occasion to show off our games and let people try them freely. I was there too, showing off Beach Marbles Racing and two tech demos (discussed later in this post). In the photo, I’m the smiling guy with curly hair and dressed in white, behind that Macbook! Four more pics here (thanks to Andrea and Riccardo for taking the shots)!
Beach Marbles Racing at CodemotionLooking at 3D models...Playing UFHO 2... Lulz for everyone!Old classic!
Surprisingly, my game received a great feedback by people there. And I had nothing more than my Mac, my iPod and my biz cards! I’m not lying if I say all the visitors were quite impressed from it, especially because it’s a game I did all by myself, without any other help. I really didn’t expect such a good rection! And I did not only show my projects, but I also shown how they are made: I let people read parts of the code, look at 3D models and at the Unity framework, and many other things. I’m pretty sure all of this played a relevant role in making a good impression… Who knows!

So, during these two days I met awesome people, and literally find a great willpower charge to go on with my projects. If there will be other similar events, I’ll do my best to be there!


– Tech demo 1: Strike Crossing
Driving to the crossing......And strike!
Other than Beach Marbles Racing, I shown two tech demos, the first being Strike Crossing, a game I was making always with Unity before BMR, and wich I hinted at in the first post of this diary (if you remember)… The game works like the Crash mode in the Burnout series: your objective is to drive your car at the nearest crossing, and making insane havoc out all of the traffic cars around! In the first part of the level you drive your car trying to find the best trajectory to crash at the crossing. After crashing, the second part starts, and you must charge a power bar by hitting (and being hit by) other cars. Then, by using that power, you can drag your vehicle around, and make big explosions to cause even more damage. And don’t let any car come out alive from the crossing!

Actually all of this it’s no more than a tech demo with strange virtual graphics, but the cool fact is that people at Codemotion liked it a lot! I should really consider to continue working on this. I stopped this projects time ago because it wasn’t very easy to do all alone, but, after a year, I feel way more confident in my experience.


– Tech demo 2: Duel Of Speed
Duel Of Speed - StartDuel Of Speed - Tunnel
The latest tech demo is Duel Of Speed, a classic racing game with pixelated “2.5D” graphics, like the old arcade games. I always made it with Unity, so it’s still 3D in its core. I literally made this in less than 24 total hours, during the days I was ill, and it’s really nothing more than a spaceship traveling along a circuit, controlled with arrow keys. I always wanted to code something like this, so I did it! This demo too had a neat feedback at Codemotion, but in this state is quite hard to judge. And there are also many bugs…

Oh, I almost forgot! You can TRY IT HERE directly within your browser and the Unity plugin! :D

Honestly, nobody knows very much about this game, but rumors say it will be available one day in this year calendar… Do you trust rumors?


– SpeedGraphX or…

Okay, I’ve been using the SpeedGraphX name and logo for a while now, but… I’m, starting to realise it’s not a very good brand name to recognize my games. I’m trying to think about something better during this days, so expect a name change sooner or later! Better do it now…


Well, that’s all for now!
I’ll be able to continue working on Beach Marbles Racing from this Monday, sine I’m going to have quite an intense weekend, wich hopefully will be the last week packed with busy days… And yes, I’ll continue updating the Dev Diary as soon as I have updates, I promise it!

Thank you so much for reading! See you next post, have a great day!

Danjel Ricci (real name > nickname!)

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  1. Luciano Mammino (@loige)

    Grandissimo Danjel!
    Hai tutta la mia stima, continua così ;)

    PS: Ci sono pure io tra le foto!

    • Mr. Drayton

      Grande, grazie mille! :D Ti ho messo tra i following di Twitter, che prima non ti avevo! Sono SpeedGraphX. :)

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