Blog opening

Blog opening

Hooray! SpeedGraphX‘s iOS development blog is finally open, up and functional! Duh.

Having just one private group on Facebook to talk about SGX projects was not a neat idea: why target 15-20 friends when I should target a whole world of people? Then, here we are.

For essential knowledge about SpeedGraphX, just scroll to the top of the page and click that obvious link. For the rest, just keep waiting some more hours and there’ll be infos. We’re going to talk about funky marbles and summer time. And we’ll be giving little hints about road accidents on digital highways.

Oh, one last thing. This blog thingamajig exists just to get you up to date with someone’s project (well, mine). If you mind to leave here some comments, or if you really happen to have interest in all of this, just know you’ll make a fella happy for quite a long time.

Thank you very much for spending your precious time here, but be aware that SGX can’t return time back to you (actually SGX’s time collector has a leak, please forgive us.).


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  1. Giuseppe

    Hey, it’s me, good luck for your website! :D


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