Blog renewed + small game update

Blog renewed + small game update

Hello followers,
I bet it’s impossible not to notice the new design of the blog, for those of you who costantly visit here. In short, I wasn’t satisfied with the old theme: too blocky and dispersive, too cold and without personality.

Since I’ve been using this development blog more like a development diary (actually, diary and blog are two different things for me), I wanted to change theme to better fit what I’m writing here. And here it is: a new, nice, and orderer theme, wich actually I like very much because it really looks like a diary. And from now on, I’ll call it this way: Dev Diary. Makes me feel more comfortable.
I still need to open an official website both for SpeedGraphX and Beach Marbles Racing, but this will come later.

Aside from this, I’m now working on the game code, and just today I added a small thing the game really needed: a label wich shows the name of the scenery and of the track you are racing in (it only lacks “Next” and “Start” buttons). After the loading is complete, the camera shows you the scenery at 360°. Then you tap the screen, the camera goes down, and it shows you the racetrack the same way. Tap again, and the race begins. It looks just like this:

The first sceneryOne of the 15 tracks

Naming sceneries and racetracks is always a difficult task. But it’s still funny!
Also, you can’t notice in the screenshots, but the whole GUI thing is quite fast and has always smooth transictions, either in fade effects or movements. This may sound obvious, but a smooth GUI has a great impact on the final user, already from the splash screen: many times I quitted some iOS games because of slow and annoying menus, wich sometimes led me nowhere.
Anyways, all of the main GUI graphics should be completed, now.

Tomorrow I think it will be time to start planning all the races that make up Torunament mode, and all the criteria to unlock new marbles and racetracks. Plus, my girlfriend offered her help to draw some fancy textures for the marbles: since she draws really well, I can’t refuse!

Thanks for reading, see you next update as usual! Good night!

Mr. Drayton

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