Development status and release date

Development status and release date

Green lights, way to go! The new alpha demo of The Speed Fragment is online from yesterday (available here), and I already received some precious feedback. Let’s make a roundup of the devlopment!


About the new demo

Yesterday I had quite a busy day and the demo was released in a hurry, so I had no much time to fix everything. Most of the feedback I had, in fact, was about issues I already knew, but I think it’s better to point them out here:

  • Opponents’ AI is still work in progress; the base behaviour is working, but now it’s acting moslty at random.
  • It’s not supported yet, but the Xbox 360 pad will be fully compatible with the game.
  • Boost pads on the ground are intentionally placed in difficult points so the players may need to learn the track layout to get them, but more boost pads will be added in safer points.
  • When finishing a race, there’s a bug which may assign you the wrong position if you arrive really close to other opponents. Also the positions ladder at the Finish screen is not working properly.
  • Ship control sensivity is quite high and should be reduced.
  • The withe HUD square on the left is the slot for collected weapons, though they are not yet available in the game.
  • There may be some issues with button colors in the menu.
  • The brake is completely useless. :D
  • The game is indeed difficult, but I guarantee it’s possibile to win at Pro difficulty + Tsunami class!

Most of these issues will be solved in the demo too, so you may expect an update at a later time. Everything else should be fine instead!


Release date

You probably don’t know, but at Svilupparty 2014 I had some friends of mine literally grabbing me by force and dragging me on the stage… They wanted two things: a short talk about the game, and more important, the release date. Man! I was not prepared at all for this, but here is it:

-> JANUARY 2015 <-

Yes! This is the official release date of the game. For your information, there is a group of friends constantly staring at me and repeating something like “JANUARY. Or I will beat you up.” or “Think about that, Danjel, if you miss the release date you will also miss your teeth.”
So… Well, I think I’ll better work on it. :D

Current development

These days I took just some moments to prepare the new demo for the upload, but now it’s time to get back on track. Luckily I’m at a point where I don’t need further refactoring of what I already have, so I’ll be going hopefully faster. There are many things to be done, but before January everything should be ready. Since I still have little time every day to work on the game, most of the features will be added in future updates after the first official release. Check the game page to take a look at the planned rodamap!

That’s everything for today. Have a relaxing Sunday, everyone!


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