Driving up in the sky

Driving up in the sky

Welcome back to the development diary! Looks like some interesting things happened since my last post. For example, the release of Sky Driver! Let’s talk a little about it.


About Sky Driver

If you read this diary every now and then, you may remember I took a pause from all the serious development during this summer, due to many different reasons. In the previous post I added an image of something I was up to, something like a personal game jam; and in that jam (which lasted alomst four months, to be honest), Sky Driver was born. For details about the game itself and download link, here you are: LINK!

The game was created more or less as an experiment. The main reason I made it, is because I really wanted to publish something entirely made by me. I had enough of waiting (I have been paying Apple’s developer subscription since three years, now!), so I paused all my other big projects and started working on Sky Driver only. Also, it was already some months I wanted to experiment with simple and addictive gameplay, exactly some days after Flappy Bird came out; somehow, it inspired me: I have never been able to think of such an essential gameplay, before. But after looking at all the clones which relentlessy spawned after it, I thought it was time to take that formula and try to put it into a better product. I worked on it an average 15 hours a week for almost four months, and here’s what came out. Despite some bugs and performance hiccups generated by the ads, I’m pretty happy with the final result!

I will start to “spam” the game around from today, since version 1.1 just became available and some major bugs are gone. The game already reached 800 downloads only by word of mouth from friends, on Facebook, and on Twitter, nice result! But I sincerely hope the game will perform well once it reaches some gaming website and give me the motivation to expand it with new stages and vehicles. I already want to do it, but I think I’ll work on new content only if it’s worth the effort.

The game is free, take a try! :)

What about The Speed Fragment?

Do you remember that January 2015 release date? Well, it’s not nice to say, but… Let’s forget it. This summer I got much time to think about the game and I came out with a very important conclusion: I will no longer release it on smartphones, it will be desktop only.

Why this choice? It’s simple: optimization for mobile was killing the original game idea. Don’t get fooled by the pixelated graphics: the game still has (and will have more) physics, many AI routines, tons of polygons, complex shaders, realtime shadows; I pretend it to stay stuck at 60 FPS, and I don’t want to strip down things just because it doesn’t run silky smooth on an old iPod Touch 4 or iPhone 4S. Also, I’m pretty sure the best place for The Speed Fragment is no longer on mobile stores, but on Steam, due to the current state of the smartphone business model in gaming.

I will later (later later) write a post about all things Speed Fragment, where I will talk a bit more about it, in general.

Hey SGX, will you always develop racing and driving games?

Yes; I think I’m cursed.


Thanks for reading, and enjoy Sky Driver! :P

– Danjel


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