Finally an update!

Finally an update!

While these weeks I’m still occupied with another urgent work (sigh!), today I found some time to update my game a bit.

– Updated the camera so you can rotate around your marble, in order to get the desired viewing angle before you hit.
– When a marble is not visible, e.g. when it’s hidden behind an obstacle, an overlay shadow marks its position on the screen, so you know where each marble is.
– Also, when the active marble goes under a bridge, some overlay dotted lines and gates appear where the track is not visible. Now it’s easier to know where walls are.

The screenshot below explains everything better. Sorry for the messy post, but my web browsers has been blocked by our provider for some dark reasons, and only social Apps like Facebook iOS, Twitter iOS, WordPress iOS, etc, appear to work. Actually I’m posting this via my iPod!

Thanks for the attention, and have a nice [insert something that could go better here]!

Mr. Drayton


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