First scenery finally complete!

First scenery finally complete!

Dear followers, finally, after struggling with many things in C4D, the first scenery is ready!
Sorry if I didn’t kept you much updated here on the blog, but at least it has been worth it… Take a look!

The scenery takes place in a classic city promenade, right in front of a long line of buildings and hotels. This is the first environment out of five that you will find in the whole game (until new updates!). Also each scenery will contain three different tracks. Take a look at the screenshots at the end of the post to get a better idea of the whole environment!

I still have to clean some very small details in the textures, but right now I prefer continue working on new sceneries, since time is running very fast. And, talking about time, I fear I won’t be able to finish the game by the end of November, unfortunately many tasks are keeping me from working on the game continuously.
In every case, the whole thing will be finished before 31st December, no matter what.

Well then, next update is coming with the next scenery, or whenever something new happens in the project. Stay tuned with SGX! Thanks for reading, have a nice [insert time of the day here]! :D

Mr. Drayton

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  1. Antonio Zamburru

    I can’t wait to have this game :D great work


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