Game down (solved!) and splitted tweets

Game down (solved!) and splitted tweets

Good Sunday, followers! Are you already in vacation? Awesome! Because I never go in vacation. >___>

  • Game down

As you may have read on Twitter, some days ago Unity played an unhappy joke on the Beach Marbles Racing project files… Mighty fear and panic, my friends! But what happened? Here’s the summary:

  1. I opened the BMR project with a previous version of Unity (3.4.2), my mistake. But I’m still wondering why it opened.
  2. Unity 3.4.2 reimported every single asset, and broke the texture assignations.
  3. I closed Unity 3.4.2, opened the actual 3.5.4 release, and reassigned textures to all of the objects. Everything was OK, so I saved.
  4. I closed Unity 3.5.4 and reopened it.
  5. Some error happened and the horror unleashed: EVERY REFERENCE was lost. This means that 90% of things attached to my objects were gone: materials, shaders, textures, scripts, components, etc. I had to reassign everything to everything. And I had no backups.

Think of the game as a custom puzzle: actually I have 90% of the pieces, and all of them are built up togheter. But then something happened, and all of these pieces disassembled.

At the beginning I panicked, I tought it could have took weeks to fix. Also there were some scripts written more or less one year ago, and I almost forgot wich object I had to assign them to. But instead, it only took less than two days, and now the game is up and running again. It was all smoke and no fire. :)

  • Changelog

Today’s changelog is kinda small, since recently I had few time to work on the game. But I always end up updating something, in every case!

  • Updated game from Unity 3.5.1 to 3.5.4. Framerate looks more stable and smooth;
  • Changed the “Fast Forward” button behaviour. Pressing it will briefly load then skip to the end of the opponent’s turn, instead of fast forwarding the game;
  • Minor bug fixes;

The Fast Forward button, which now is a Skip button, still needs some optimizations to work properly. But actually it’s way more functional, rather than fast-forwarding the game at 2 or 3 FPS!
I’m also changing the behaviour of the dotted lines (the ones who mark the track borders underneath bridges and tunnels), in order to optimize performances.

  • Splitted Twitter accounts

If you follow SGX on Twitter, you may also already know that the SGX account has been splitted from the personal Danjel Ricci’s account once for all! This way your tweet stream won’t get all messed up with both personal and development tweets all from SGX! So, here’s the links to follow both:


Danjel Ricci:

This is all for today, thanks again for reading! Hope Unity won’t trick me again with some infamous bugs (oh, but this time I made a backup). :D
Also jere you are two screens from my game being, sometimes, a derp. See you on the web!

Danjel Ricci

Weird bounce

I don’t even remember how this happened!

Fall in the void

Marble falling through the sand, and then, into the 3D void. Magic!

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