Game update!

Game update!

Good evening followers,

what’s wrong with that weird screenshot? Well, nothing! It’s my actual editor screen of the game, with all the objects highlighted. I tought it was cool and wanted to share it!

Editor screen

Okay, okay, let’s be serious. With this little update I’d like to write down some bug corrections that were necessary, plus a new useful feature I added to the game:

  • 13 tracks completed;
  • Added a Fast Forward button to reduce the waiting when a CPU is playing;
  • Fixed an heavy bug: when a waiting marble was thrown off the track by the active marble, the waiting one did never get back into the racetrack, making the game unplayable;
  • Fixed a bug in the camera, wich caused it to get closer to the marble every time it went off the track;
  • Fixed a little thing in the manual rotation of the camera;
  • Fixed a bug in the dotted lines;
  • Marbles stop faster when they go off the track.
Apart from the necessary bug fixes, the Fast Forward button is very useful when you don’t want to wait for every CPU player to make their turn.
Actually this feature works, but there is a drawback: as the button speeds up everything two-three times, physics calculations become more intense too (because they must be executed faster). This causes the framerate to drop down to 1 or 2 in certain cases, wich is so ugly to see.
So, I’m thinking to change the Fast Forward button to a Skip button. This would freeze the screen for about one or two seconds, inform the user that game is calculating trajectories, then jump directly at the end of the CPU’s turn, only showing its final position after the Skip. This would be nicer to see.
Here, two screenshots of the Fast Forward button (inactive and pressed):
Fast Forward 1Fast Forward 2

That’s all for now, players! Actually I’m working on the 14th track, so the next update will come in about a week or less. Almost all the tracks are done, yay! Thanks for reading, see ya!

Mr. Drayton

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