Game updates!

Game updates!

Hello players! How’s going? :)
Looks like I managed to get many things done for the game, so here I am with the latest updates, as promised. Let’s begin!


  • GUI now 100% compatible with iPad aspect ratio (4:3);
  • New and improved universal shader for marbles;
  • Activated mipmaps on scenery textures;
  • Added a light flare indicator to show the direction where to launch the marble;
  • Added an animation wich brings back marbles once they go off the track;
  • Activated antialiasing for iPhone4S, iPad2 and iPad3;
  • Minor bug fixes;

To-do ASAP:

  • Fix every possible bug in the control system;
  • Fix a bug wich makes the light flare indicator travel to wrong waypoints;

Here are some screens with the new marbles shaders and the light flare indicator. The light flare came out to be necessary, since many players, every now and then, felt unsure on where to shoot the marble. Then, talking about shaders, remember that actually only plastic marbles have a definitive design. Other marbles are always subject to changes, but shaders are 95% official.

New plastic shaderNew glass shaderNew metal shaderLight Flare indicator

In the next screens, you can see the difference between the various game resolutions (non-Retina iPad, Retina iPhone and non-Retina iPhone, remember to always click on the thumbs to watch them fullsize). Also, first three pics have mipmaps, while the fourth pic doesn’t have it (it’s a previous pic I already posted), and you can clearly notice the visual difference. Mipmaps make up for smoother images, less texture noise, and slightly faster rendering times, despite using some more vRam for each texture. Notice that sand has no mipmaps yet, due to some tiling imprecisions, but later I’ll think about this bug too.

Non-Retina iPhone resolutionRetina iPhone resolutionnon-Retina iPad resolutionScenery presentation

Graphics will look even better on iPhone4S, iPad2 and iPad3 thanks to antialiasing, but unfortunately I can’t test on these devices now (I don’t have them!), so I can’t post real in-game screenshots.

Nontheless, I should have fixed all the bugs in the control system for today, but I didn’t manage to do that… Actually I’m still working on it, but I preferred to publish this post anyways, so you don’t need to wait again and again. :)

And that’s everything for today, people. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Tell us why in the comments below! Have a nice [your daytime here]! :D

Danjel Ricci

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