Happy new year, folks!

Happy new year, folks!

A bit later than everyone, but now it’s my time to send you greetings for an happy new year! :)

I would have liked to greet you in time, and also to prepare Speed Fragment for this occasion with some fireworks and such, but I have been quite ill from 28 December: with my temperature up to 40.1 C°, I ended up spending almost all my holidays shivering in my bed, so I didn’t manage to use my pc. :-/


Today I’m still not completely cured, so I’m taking another day of rest and medicines tomorrow, but after that I should be ready to resume with my ordinary days of panic! Sorry then, at least for now, there aren’t updates on my games!

Talking a little about indie development, there’s something I am perplexed about. 2013 has just started, but I’m already seeing some mess here: AppStore and Google Play Store have become chaotic markets by now, far from the good markets they where at the beginning. Then OUYA seemed to bring a new store for us indies, but GameStick and eSphere are now showing up, and if they have success like OUYA, they will split this new indie store generation even before it grows, and it will be nothing good. I hope this year will bring some good changes to indie gaming markets! What’s your idea about this?

Thanks again for reading, see you soon with some updates!


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