Latest updates on the game and deadline stuff

Latest updates on the game and deadline stuff

Hello followers, here I am with another small update. I haven’t finished the third scenery yet because I went through some other things I had to fix. Here’s a small changelog to keep everything in order:

  • Changed the way in wich textures are loaded/unloaded from memory. Only recently I noticed the game started to crash many times after loading screens, probably due to some wrong memory handling. So I fixed the problem and there are no more crashes, but now there are some very short pauses between one menu screen and the next one, in wich textures are dynamically swapped. Menu screens and gameplay are still smooth, they won’t freeze or run choppy.
    This loading issue took most of my development time, I had to try several ways to find the right one.
  • Before a race starts, now the camera first rotates around the scenery, and after a tap, it rotates around the sand track. The race begins after you tap the second time. I made this to give a nicer view of the sceneries.
  • The loading screens now show a random funny phrase, “The Sims” style.
  • Number of planned sceneries downgraded from five to three. New updates

Talking about the last point, maybe the most important one, I had to do so because the development is going very slow lately, due to many different unwanted circumstances around me. Originally I planned the game to be released by September, then by the end of November, and both the times I failed. Now I haven’t any better definied deadline, but I’m doing my best to finish it in the less time possibile.

Anyways, don’t expect this project to be on hold again. I’m working on it every free moment of my time, so everyday there’s at least a small bit of progress. :)

EDIT: oh, do you remember that Super Mario contest I went into some weeks ago? Today we were given with the results: I won first place, yay! :D

See you next update, thanks again and merry pre-Christmas! :D

Mr. Drayton

2 Responses to “Latest updates on the game and deadline stuff”

  1. Mihawk

    Ciao Drayton, io sono un tale che t’ha incrociato tramite streetpass 2 volte. Una al romics, un’altra qualche giorno fa per puro caso. Giusto l’altro giorno visito mrfixitonline e vado nella sezione Maximum Velocity che non visitavo mai (ma puoi intuire il motivo del mio ripensamento) e che mi ritrovo? Un post da tale Drayton! Pensa te le coincidenze.
    In questo momento, annoiato, ho provato a rintracciare questo nome :p

    Comunque sono curioso, io ho ricevuto il tuo fantasma di SNES Circuito di Mario 3, tu quale fantasma hai ricevuto invece?

    • Mr. Drayton

      Coincidenza incredibile, sei riuscito a “rintracciarmi” addirittura dal forum di F-Zero! Lo sai che ero curioso di sapere chi eri? :)
      La seconda volta ci siamo incontrati al Mercatino Giapponese quasi per certo, io è lì che ho trovato un Mii per la seconda volta, e sei di sicuro tu!

      In MK7 l’unico fantasma che ho di un Mii maschile è di “Spark”, sul Villaggio di Daisy. Sei tu per caso? Altrimenti ho un solo altro fantasma, ma da un Mii femminile, si chiama “”, ed è della Posta Arcobaleno. Quello non riesco mica a batterlo. :D

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