Minor game updates!

Minor game updates!

Hello my dear followers,

my actual web design duties are giong on, so I had very little time to work on Beach Marbles Racing. But there are some minor updates I want to write!

  • I signed up in the IndieVault forum (it’s in italian) and presented my Beach Marbles Racing project to the whole community. The game has been received very well, better than I expected, also the users in there are really smart, costructive, and willing to help. You can read the forum thread here.
  • Despite working on these two websites, I found a little time to fix how the Loading screen works. Previously, the game had some occasional video-memory leaks, wich caused it to crash during loadings. It could be fixed simply by rebooting the iDevice, but with the new loading sistem, the game doesn’t crash anymore.
  • Talking with IndieVault users, I got aware of the importance of mipmaps. This is a function wich reduces the texture size of an object the more it is seen from a distance, making graphics look cleaner and not pixelated, and making GPU unit work less. You can see how absence of mipmaps influences graphic detail, especially on small screens (like non-Retina screens), by looking at the bamboo houses in the distance:
    Absence of mipmaps
    The bamboo roofs appear as an indefinite mass of dirty pixels. With mipmaps on, it would look more clean. Actually Beach Marbles Racing can’t handle proper mipmaps due to some particular configurations I made, but I have already tought a solution for this problem. I’m going to implement it only after finishing the work on those two websites.
This is everything for today. Sorry if I’m being short on words, but I’m going immediately back to work! Thanks for reading, have a good day!
Mr. Drayton

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