Monthly recap

Monthly recap

Welcome back followers, here we are again! It’s been a while after Svilupparty has ended, yet The Speed Fragment did not evolve much from then. You know how free time works with me so I’m not going to be repetitive: let’s start with a new recap/insight of the latest weeks!

  • Speed Fragment Updates

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook accounts, you probably have noticed some new posts and screenshots about The Speed Fragment.

A complete HUD is now present in the game, showing all the data you need together with some new touchscreen buttons. There are many indicators laying around, but we’ll be exploring them in the next post.

The new HUD contains many informations

The new HUD contains many informations.

Boost pads have been added around the racetracks, and manual boost is now fully functional (despite there aren’t yet ways to recharge it).

Boost Pads are guaranteed to make you go REALLY fast!

Boost Pads are guaranteed to make you go REALLY fast!

On a more technical side, I’m also working to have multi-path AI lines: on many racing games you can choose different paths to drive through, and in The Speed Fragment it will be possible indeed. I’m also laying down many diagrams for AI behavior, and I’m “debugging” them with paper, original F-Zero miniatures and D’nD dices!

Live debugging of the new AI behaviours... So much fun!

Live debugging of the new AI behaviours… So much fun!

  • Release Planning

Every project should have a good release schedule… Too bad I never succeed in this! Or better, even if I don’t know when I’m going to make a full release, I’m pretty sure I can at least confirm what I’m going to release.

With the little time I have each day, developing alone a full game will take quite a long time. This is why I’m planning to first release an “Arcade Version” of The Speed Fragment, featuring a limited quantity of tracks, ships and play modes. It will be like an extended demo: think of it as a “Prologue” edition (sounds familiar, right?), but with some competitive features (something like an online ladder). I know you want to play Speed Fragment soon, so that’s another good reason for the “Arcade Version” to exist.

  • Moar free time!

As incredible as it sounds for me, starting from Monday 24th and for the next months, I’ll going to have back at least 15 hours of free time every week. Me and my boss had a talk about working hours, and we agreed about making me work from home, from Wednesday to Friday, while going to office only on Monday and Tuesday. Fantastic!

It’s a big step forward for making me dissolve all the stress I built up in the last months, as I will be able to take some well deserved relax and think more to my personal projects. My body is also pretty jaded for traveling five hours a day… It’s definitly time to feel better!

This is everything for today. As usual, keep an eye on my Twitter account and Facebook page to get the most up to date informations about my projects!

Thanks again, have a great day!


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