New GUI completed + improved marbles shader!

New GUI completed + improved marbles shader!

Hello followers,

in the previous post I said I would have updated the diary during the middle of the works for the new GUI… Well, since the recent snowfalls kept me inside my house for an entire week (public transportations were blocked), I had much time to work on the new interface, so I finished it in short time!

I took a bunch of new screenshots. The new GUI design is simplier, cleaner, more readable, and sure is more adequate for a modern product. One advice only: the background is temporary! I still need to change it. Click on the thumbnails for full iPhone/iPod Retina display resolution.

Main menuLocal race lobbyCustom raceRace eventsErase game saveScenery presentationTrack presentationRacing interfaceRace results

Apart from the new GUI, I enanched a bit glass and metal marbles shaders. I have no official marble designs yet, the ones I have now are only placeholders, but they are pretty good to show the graphic part of the game. So, this is what I come out with:

Profile - glass marbleProfile - metal marble

Looking good! So well, after I’ll change the background, there will be only two big things left to complete the game: marble designs and the audio part. Then a few fixes here and there, and I will be ready to submit the game to AppStore… :D

With this said, finally yesterday I managed to talk with one of those people who commissioned to me a website, so I need to start working on that now. I should finish it within two weeks! Meanwhile, on evening or during night, I will start to draw some good marble designs, so I won’t have to do it later.

Thanks again for your interest, I will keep you updated about my works. Remember you can follow us on Twitter (where I post more frequently), and Like the Beach Marbles Racing Facebook page! See you next update, have a good time!

Mr. Drayton

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