New marble designs!

New marble designs!

FINALLY! Hell, finally!

After long time I found time and motivations to write a post with some fresh news! :D
But first things first: the most careful of you may have noticed I erased my (old) previous post, the one with all the sad rant about my new job. I decided to delete it because reading that text some days after I wrote it, I recognized my situation at work was better than I thought; also, what was written here didn’t reflect the reality any longer. Let’s say it was more of an angry outburst than a clear thought…

Now let’s move onto the good things!
After I came out of these two months full of things to do and personal problems to solve, I din’t want to leave Beach Marbles Racing apart for too long, and decided it was a good time to go on with the project: another “rival” game has been published on the AppStore, and it’s not selling well. That’s why I’m here to show you the new marble designs I worked on last week! :D
As usual, click on the images to view them fullsize.

New plastic marbles - 01New plastic marbles - 02

As you can see, new plastic marbles are rolling into the game with good old classic printings of soccer players, formula cars and cyclists! Also, all shaders have been updated with scenery reflections while mantaining the previous shading style.
Marble designs you see here are official and will be present in the final game, but some changes might be done on shaders and on texture details. There will be 12 marbles of this kind, 4 for each category (soccer, F1, cycling), and they are already present in the game!
(More screenshots at the end of the post) 

Aside from new marbles, here’s the latest, small changelog:

  • Added new official plastic marbles;
  • Improved marble shaders;
  • Way faster loading times (from main menu to race, and vice-versa);
  • Added loading screen after the Unity splash sceen (makes things nicer and smoother);
  • Fixed some errors about the random fun phrases in the loading screen;

Well, this is all for today! I think I can continue working on Beach Marbles Racing with more tranquility now. Next updates will be about new marbles and other things I need to fix (like some bugs in the control system).

Thanks for all the attention, followers, hope you have a nice [insert anything here]! :D


New plastic marbles - 03New plastic marbles - 04New plastic marbles - 05New plastic marbles - 06

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