New Speed/Fragment tech demo and updates

New Speed/Fragment tech demo and updates

Welcome back followers!

Here’s another sweet update for Speed/Fragment which, you may have noticed, is getting much love from me lately. Development goes on always quite slow, but I’m still really confident in this project. Link to play the updated tech demo is at the end of this post! ;)

  • Game Updates

Scenery is finally looking more decent! Sad how I had time to model around ten different buildings and managed to texture only two of them, but despite that, they already give a better look to the game!

Speed Fragment - Night Drive

I am struggling a bit with texture details, trying to find the best setup for mipmaps: all these tiny lights everywhere are very cool, but when they are distant from the camera, they end up flickering without much control (you will notice it when playing the demo). This could require some tedious work if I need to edit textures every time, but… There are more important things to work on, now. :P
Well, I particularly like racing by night (ships cockpit and engines glow in the dark too!), but since it can’t be night forever, in this updated tech demo you can also choose to drive by day, and it will look like this:

Speed Fragment - Day Drive

Actually you can choose night OR day, but scenery is ready to support a dynamic daytime cycle. Sunrise, midday, sunset and midnight, they will make the racetrack look different every time. I’m adding this feature in one of the next tech demo releases!

All the other updates to the game have been made under the hood. The most important one is how I handle ship textures; this time I use a unique spritesheet texture for every vehicle, and not many different textures like I did before. This way it is both more functional and less CPU expensive. Also, shaders has been optimized to run faster on iDevices (many thanks to Aras Pranckevičius for that)!

Oh, and one thing you may like: later in the development, I’d be happy to get someone of you to try the game on your iOS device through TestFlight. I’m pretty sure this will begin as soon as I have a complete scenery and a bunch of (almost) definitive assets, but in every case keep an eye here on the dev diary, I may want to begin tests before that moment!

  • Site management and SGX name/logo

Today I investigated a bit more WordPress, and learned a few things on how to build up a site from a theme. It’s some time I’d like to migrate to a stable host with custom domain, installing a better WP theme and such, and so in the next weeks I guess I’ll start doing all these things. That may also be the perfect time to change SpeedGraphX/SGX name and logo to something better, like I already wanted to do some posts before.

In the meantime, I guess I’m gonna change the actual theme for this dev diary, since this one is more messy than cool!

  • Speed/Fragment tech demo, v0.1b

Take a ride on my 500 km/h spaceships!
mouse to select options, arrow keys to drive the ship;
First, customize the race by clicking on the options, then press START!  to begin racing. After you complete all the laps, the game will tell your final position and then go back to the setup screen. Notice that by default, rain, thunders, music and sound effects are on!

Remember that many things in the tech demo are placeholder only (like the standard Unity GUISkin, fonts, musics, etc).


Hope you enjoyed the new tech demo! Next diary update will be a little slow since I will be in London from 17 to 22 December, but always check Twitter, which is actually the social network I use more!
Oh my, it’s really late here now, time to go to bed! Thanks for your attention, have a great day out there! :D

Danjel Ricci

4 Responses to “New Speed/Fragment tech demo and updates”

  1. Rodrigo Rocha

    Great Stuff! I would love to play this on my Xperia Play…. since you are using unity… good chances? :)

    • Danjel Ricci

      Thanks man! Unfortunately now I only have iOS devkits, but hope I can get Android ones as soon as I release the game on AppStore!

  2. delkoduck

    I played the tech demo and was really impressed, glad to see your continuing development. You might be able to swing a small kick-starter to get the cash for the android devkit too.

    • Danjel Ricci

      Thanks Delkoduck!
      Unfortunately I don’t have any one of the requirements to start a Kickstarter campaign, so for now I guess I’m going pretty much solo on this project.

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