New tracks, new screens!

New tracks, new screens!

Finally there!

After having enough of messing up with the standard test track, and especially after having every game script working perfectly, time has come to start building the definitive tracks of the game. The process of making a full-working track is quite fast, so I managed to prepare 4 of them in only 3 days. Be aware that a “full-working track” does not include any scenery or decorative objects: these will be done later. It’s only the 3D track with the terrain texture, and all the hidden things that make it playable.

Also, definitive tracks use four times less triangles than the original track. Since they are no longer a terrain-type mesh, polygons are aligned along the track shape, and the final result is extremely smooth. Let’s take a look and compare:

Track before Track after

Nice, isn’t it? Unfortunately it looks less realistic than before (maybe it’s too precise to be a sand track, or not?), but when in-game, the texture helps a lot. Also this kind of mesh ensures smooth marble movement, and not bumpy like on the previous track.

Physics behaviour has been improved too, by solving some critical problems (especially when running on slopes and when jumping). Also AI got a bit better.

Here there are fresh screenshots directly from the game. I hope to get soon to the scenery design part, I’m eager to know how it will look like, when finished! Enjoy, and good [insert next thing to do here]!

Track 01Track 02Track 03Track 04BridgeStart lineJumpCanyon

PS: the best quality result is when watching these screenshots directly on your iDevice. :)

Mr. Drayton

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  1. Giuseppe

    Very good :D unfortunately i don’t have an iDevice D:

  2. Andrea

    Fantastico! Veramente fantastico!


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