Pause end, back on the game!

Pause end, back on the game!

Here I am, back from the pause I took to partecipate in that two contests! Hmm well, in the end, the 3D lowpoly contest has not started, so I only took the 2D art one. It’s a Shigeru Miyamoto themed contest: we had to draw an artowrk for an upcoming Homebrew game for NDS in wich he is the main character. The prize is a copy of Super Mario 3D Land, wich is a pretty legit prize to me (well, I have a 3DS)… The contest ends on 15 November, but actually has too few entries, so I guess it will be prolonged. Hope I manage to win (my entry is the next image, click to fullscreen)!

Ok then, after I understood that I must improve my speed when painting with my graphic tablet, it’s time to get back on my iOS game. Tomorrow I’ll officially start making scenery 3D models and textures, but I hope it won’t take too much time. As usual, I’ll post all the updates here on the blog; I’m pretty sure with the next post I’ll show off some nice seaside sceneries for this game. Thanks for reading and stay tuned! Have a nice [insert actual work task here]!

Mr. Drayton

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