Point of the situation

Point of the situation

Hello followers, and welcome back on my Dev Diary! As usual, it’s been quite a long time since my last post (this one is the first of 2014), but if you followed my other accounts (especially Twitter), you have seen there are a bunch of things in the works these days. Also, thanks a lot to all the new followers, welcome aboard!

Will the new The Speed Fragment demo ever be available?

Hard to believe but yes, of course it will. :P
Time flies fast like a Scramjet engine but I’m still working on it, indeed. I’m pretty much using the great #screenshotsaturday hashtag to show what’s new about The Speed Fragment, mostly on Twitter, but also on FB and G+. I plan to make the new demo available during the same days of Codemotion in Rome, from 9 to 12 April. For that day, the demo should have two complete racetracks, two or three finalized vehicles, and a decent AI. I’m not really sure I’ll be able to add weapons, but I’ll try everything. These are some pretty recent work in progress screens:

Menu01 SceneryWip03 SceneryWip04SceneryModel01

What about your other games?

Always a good question… The situation hasn’t changed much lately, with my job getting me busy most of the time, I can’t get to work on more than one thing simultaneously, so I wanted that thing to be The Speed Fragment because it’s my favorite project at all and the one which had more positive feedback in general. All my other games are not at all doomed to death though:

  • Beach Marbles Racing may receive new life this year as the society I work with is interested in publishing it sooner or later.
  • Ram Downhill is already working fine and just needs some more optimization, so I think I may be preparing it for this year’s Svilupparty.
  • Age Of Silence, instead, is going to stay paused for more time; there’s no real reason behind, it just is the last one in the queue.

Fulltime gamedev

I feel it’s righteous to say that my real job is always game development: at least, when I don’t have time to make my own games, I’m making games for my society. I feel really good there, people is great and we have many interesting projects in the works. Also, working inside a mid-sized studio like our one really makes you aware about lot of things on how the AppStore and Google Play Store work, how rankings go up and down, how insane user reviews can get, and everything related. I’ll be honest, some days ago I was just thinking about creating a really simple game in 1 or 2 days, just because I want to publish something soon and get aboard the mobile stores craze! But I realized I’m really no good at thinking of simple gameplays: the simpliest I could think of was a textual adventure, but that’s not really simple as it sounds.

This is everything for this update. Dev on and thanks again for reading! :)


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  1. Dark Griffin

    New Speed Fragment demo sounds good! Been keeping an eye on this every month or so. There have been some racing games I’ve tried out on my android and PC, but aside from Grid, nothing really has managed to scratch that itch for F-zero type racing.

    Regarding weapons, please make them optional! Too many times I’ve booted up these futuristic racers only to find they rely too much on weapon skill/luck and less on racing lines. I think Wipeout is probably to blame for that, and I do really like Wipeout, but I also really like F-zero X/GX’s style of “no guns, just smart maneuvering and tailing” racing. (I know F-zero had “attack” side swiping, but that could also be used to steer along the track and were useful for keeping good racing lines as well, and they added, rather then subtracted, to the strategy of finding the perfect lines.)

    The tracks in the last demo you released were pretty fun to find the fastest racing lines on, and I’d hate to see all that design go to waste by adding in overpowered speed draining weapons.

    To make it appeal to most, you’ll probably have to add weapons of some sort. I’d just say be very careful what weapons you add, and maybe add in a skill element such as a dodge or skid for anything “homing” so they don’t feel too cheap.

    One racer that comes to mind as doing it right is Blur, that game has several attacks that “auto-aim” at the players ahead, but if the targeted player performs a drift, the lock is lost and the bullet just strays(it also bounces, potentially punishing the person who shot it if they are not watching for 90 degree corners or u turn sections). It makes for a good balance, because the ahead player needs to keep themselves ready to drift at any time, and thus take worse routes on the track, letting the player behind them catch up and potentially get a good direct shot. (Assuming two equal skilled players are playing.) A lot of the weapons in that game play off each other in that way, which makes it feel really balanced, and when you get hit you often feel like you lost a mind game with your opponent instead of cheaply getting “blue shelled”.

    Anyway, my 2 cents, as an old school racing fan. Good luck!

    • Danjel Ricci

      Thanks for the precious suggestion! As a big fan of competitive racing games, I perfectly understand what you’re saying. :D

      I think Mario Kart Wii is the best example of luck based weapons; I loved the game, but it was really frustrating most of the times, especially because of blue shells (luckily you can disable them in MK8).
      Many of the weapons I thought for The Speed Fragment will never really stop your run, but only damage your electronic shield (weapons in the game are not real, but holographic/simulated damage). Anyways yes, I will pretty much add an option to play with or without weapons. I just hope this won’t split up too much the players when playing online. :)

      Thank you again!

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