Power relax time (?)

Power relax time (?)

I confess, I was about to call this post “Summer burnout”. This also explains the ironic image here… But only later I realized that the real burnout condition can be permanent, so yeah, let’s call this a “power relax” instead!

Screenshot 2014-08-01 21.25.23

It’s quite a long time I don’t make any real update on my networks. I feared I was going to get a burnout, but no, I just need a decent quantity of relax time. Some power relax. :D

This July has been quite an intense month. Few days after I moved to a new house, living alone, we had an important loss in our families. This unfortunately happened while I was already stressed out due to an intense project we had in our office, which ended just few days ago. All this situation has been enriched by smaller things, like the shameful number of public transport interruptions in the city where I work, a completely wrong and irregular wheater (one day feels like Finland, next day is African summer, and so on, randomly)… In the end I lived these days with no will to do anything intense outside of my job, and every time I arrived home I only had three thoughts: showerdinnerbed.

This sums perfectly why I didn’t post anything relevant lately. I know some of you were expeting great updates on The Speed Fragment, but I really couldn’t keep up with it. Sorry! :)

Anyways, a week ago I started to experiment something new in Unity as a part of a… “Personal game jam”, maybe? I’ll just leave here a picture of my new, little desk. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

New desk

– Danjel

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  1. Rodrigo

    Take your time, you have a game with great potential on you hands.

    Cheers! =]


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