Project slows down: people can be idiot.

Project slows down: people can be idiot.

Hello dear followers,
unfortunately with today’s post I’m not going to show updates for the game: after all, I was kinda unable to work on them. Why? Because people is supid. Because my parents are idiots. Because my father is completely intolerant against me, and my mother does absolutely nothing for this.

99.9% of you don’t know that I hate my father since when I was 10, more or less. Every year he tried to make my life more and more difficult, because he never wanted me to follow my way and my dreams. He always imposed his ideas the bad way. In fact, to date, I found myself quarreling with him too many times to be counted.
Just yesterday, while I was coding my game, he came in my room and started to shout at me that I’m an asshole, that I do nothing in my life and that I will never do something, because what I’m doing now is completely wrong and will led me nowhere. Then he brought up in the speech my girlfriend and his father, saying despicable things about them, while they really have nothing to do in all of this. He said I must go out of this home and come back only when I found a job. Like if one can find a job this way. Probably he doesn’t know there are no free jobs here, and that there’s already an endless line of people waiting before me. And also, he was about to beat me up, as he was not just shouting, but almost screaming. Like someone who’s been in a straitjacket for ten years.

He’s always been like this, but every day he gets worse. He is completely sure to know everything about everything and everyone, he’s always sure about how the world goes on, just because he watches TV and trusts everything that’s said there. And that’s not common TV: it’s our italian TV, the real shit, the drug for the masses, the theathre of politicals. And so he says he’s always right, he never admit defeat, he denies the evidence. He’s like a vitiated 12 year boy. Too bad it’s my father, and now it’s 45.

Now, I don’t want to write more about this situation, but I just want to say that the project is slowed down due to all of this. I hope i can work on the game as soon as I have free time. Thanks for reading, I hope you’re going better than me these days. See you next update!

Mr. Drayton

5 Responses to “Project slows down: people can be idiot.”

  1. spasquini

    I’m really sorry for your situation. Let me say that I had the same kind of father.
    When I had to choose a high school, I wanted to join the Academy of Arts, in Florence, but my father told me that artists are not having a good life, they gain no money ecc.. I fought with him, but in the end I accepted to change my mind and joined an electronic study project.
    When I finished the schools, he yelled at me since I found my first job.
    Well, do not desperate, because the drawing attitudes I had were helping me in the work, that changed slowly and now I’m doing what I wanted (I’m a graphic designer), my sellery is much more high than what he was never dreaming of, and recently he apologize, telling that this was done only to let me to have a future.
    Too much love will kill you …

    P.S. Sei italiano? Mica l’ho capito, sai?

  2. David

    danjel tu farai strada!! purtroppo i migliori devono sempre soffrire un pò è questa la regola..xò se uno ci crede si avverano i sogni…cmq io sto dalla tua parte e faccio il tifo x te non ti far scoraggiare tieni duro…sei un grande!! un saluto David

    • spasquini

      Se non si era capito dal post precedente, anch’io faccio il tifo per te! Tieni duro e non rinunciare mai ai tuoi sogni.

  3. Antonio

    Ti ho conosciuto oggi al codemotion (ricordi Stunts ;) ) vai avanti così, sono pienamente d’accordo con David, non darti mai per vinto! Per quel poco che possa valere, hai tutta la mia ammirazione, credimi!
    In bocca al lupo!


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