Real HD textures!

Real HD textures!

Track textures were quite nice to see, but definitely not nice enough. And they were blurry if seen from a near distance. Since that’s not good, I used another neat shader wich make these kind of terrain textures to look like they are two or three times larger. And the final result is extremely detailed and sweet, definitely HD. Take a look at the screenshot down there (trust me, view it in ull size)! Plus, enojy another new track.

Actually I completed seven tracks, and obviously I’m working on every aspect of the game every day, for more than 10 hours a day, in order to shorten development time

s the most. Expect two or three more tracks by the end of this week. I can say that the game will be 100% complete in about 25 days. Too bad summer is near its end, but it doesn’t matter really. With Beach Marbles Racing you can have summer in your pocket!

Texture Comparsion

Track 05

Stay tuned for moar updates! Have a nice [insert daily task here]!

Mr. Drayton 


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