Shoes, Ships and Skins

Shoes, Ships and Skins

Welcome back, followers! Looks like I’m still alive. :P Just like the previous post, actually there aren’t news about Beach Marbles Racing. Still there are some things you may like… Just take a look. :)

  • ShoesMe

After all of this time, I tought it would be neat to show you what’s taking me so much time at my work. Ladies and gentlemen, and especially ladies, I present to you… ShoesMe.

ShoesMe 1.0.7 Screenshot

ShoesMe is a free App for iPad in wich you can create elegant ladies shoes by chossing from a variety of different pieces, heel heights, fabrics and colors. You can try any kind of combination to match perfectly your taste. But the best part is yet to come: after you created your custom shoes, you can buy them! A group of italian artisans will make the shoes for you by hand, with top quality materials, of your right size, then ship it at your door whitin about two weeks. Isn’t it awesome? Actually ShoesMe is the only existing App capable of such a thing. I’m definitely not in the fashion business, but I have to say this is quite awesome. Also the shoes are way less expensive than the ones produced by more famous brands!

My role in all of this is to upgrade the App wich was initially made by two other developers. Unfortunately they left the society some time ago, so now it’s my turn to continue. My first task is to add new funcionalities to the existing App, but my real objective here is to rewrite the whole ShoesMe software in Unity, in order to easily improve the graphic quality and the overall experience, and to export it later for many other platforms. The actual version available on the AppStore is 1.0.7, the one in the screenshot, but we are about to launch the 1.0.8 update, wich has new pieces and better rendering quality. I suggest you to take a try, it’s worth it, and also it’s free! :)

  • Speed Fragment

You know I love to create tech demos every now and then, right? Do you remember the fake Mode7 demo I posted some time ago? Well, it evolved in something way more fun! Here it is:

Speed Fragment - Screen 01Speed Fragment - Screen 02

In this demo, you can follow a CPU ship racing around a very short track. The slider on the left serves to manipulate the racer’s ability at steering and overtaking other racers. Obviously you can try the demo at this link: Speed Fragment Tech Demo, but there is no direct control on the ship. Let’s say this is only a test to try making a decent CPU!

Keep in mind this demo uses OpenGL graphics, so it will only render well on Macs and OpenGL-enabled PCs!

  • New diary skin

Sure you noticed: the Dev Diary got a fresh style revamp and now it’s 20% cooler!  Also About SGX and Beach Marbles Racing pages have been fixed with proper text and screenshots, and the right column has been updatet with a new Twitter stream and a smaller Facebook widget. As soon as I can, I will also add more pages dedicated to my other projects (Strike Crossing, Duel Of Speed, ecc).

Well, this is everything for today! I hope you enjoyed the news. See you around the web, and keep an eye on the SGX Twitter stream to get the latest informations!

Danjel Ricci

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