Speed/Fragment playable tech demo

Speed/Fragment playable tech demo

Looks kinda like this Dev Diary is slowing drifting away, but every now and then I come back here and adjust its route…

It’s always the same story: I work more or less al day long, development time is running short, and indie PR time is running even shorter! But as I’m not a person who easily give up on personal projects, today I want to show you how Speed/Fragment is growing up. Do you remember it? It’s that tech demo from the previous post, that retro-futuristic racing game!

Speed Fragment

Yeah! New blue ship, new racetrack, bastard CPUs, rain, thunders, lap counter, musics (temporary, from F-Zero Climax) and sfx. And now you control the ship! Want to take a ride? You’re served. Setup the options with the mouse, then drive with arrow keys.
You have been warned: the game is difficult.


This time every shader is in CG, so it will work on every browser, both PC and Mac (maybe even Linux, but I’m not sure), as long as you have the Unity Player installed.

Actually I’m coding Speed/Fragment to be played on iOS; it aready runs great on devices from generation 3GS and up. I want to turn it into a complete game, as soon as I can. I hope it won’t take too long!

Well then… Since I have no other news to write, I salute you for today. Let’s catch around the web, on FB and Twitter!
Oh, and remember you can ask me everything you want. I’ll try to reply ASAP!

Danjel Ricci

5 Responses to “Speed/Fragment playable tech demo”

  1. Rodrigo Rocha

    Great! I want to play it, definitely!

  2. Jonathan

    Definitely appears inspired by FZero, but looks promising

  3. Simon van der Linden

    Are you still working on this project?
    I have a additional concept for this game to make it more unique. Maby we can combine our thoughts.


    • Danjel Ricci

      Hi Simon, yes, I am still working on the game, despite I have not much time to dedicate to it.
      I’d suggest you to follow my Twitter or Facebook channels, since I update them more often than the Dev Diary (I posted some new screenshots a week ago).

      Talking about game ideas, feel free to explain them, but consider the demo of this post is extremely old! This is the latest one, try it (but it’s quite old too): http://bit.ly/1aDCcIy
      I’m going to release a better demo in the next months. I have a lot of ideas too, but I had no time to include them in the demo. :D

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