Third scenery complete!

Third scenery complete!

Hello followers, how’s going?

Finally I can put the “completed” mark to the third scenery! Without further delay, here there are two screnshots of the final environment. As usual, click on them to see at full resolution:

Nothing better than a tropical beach to conclude this first set of sceneries! I said “first set” because I’m planning to add more sceneries with further updates (but I’m pretty sure I already said this). There are some cool places I want you to race in, obviously on brand new racetracks.

Then, after completing  the third environment, I officially reduced the number of players from 6 to 4. I had to do this for one precise reason: playing with 4 or 5 AI opponents felt quite boring. You had to wait too much time for your turn, and I don’t want players to leave the game because of this. So, a maximum number of 4 players on the track (both AI or human) is the better choice. And also: less marbles = less physics calculations = less CPU consuming = less battery usage.

I’m very pleased I managed to do this: after all I feel like an hobo these days… But this doesn’t matter. I have to get this game done, and I will get this game done.

Don’t forget you can follow SGX updates on Twitter too! I just added a button on the right column: click it to follow us! And one last screenshot to keep you awake this late (straight from the editor):

Sometimes everything just screws up! And for all the tech curious, you can see many system things on the racetrack…

Well, that’s all for now, people. I’m really going to bed (and if you are in GMT+1, you should too)! Good night, and thanks again for reading! See you next update!

Mr. Drayton

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