Total GUI remake, official FB page, and more…

Total GUI remake, official FB page, and more…

Good evening followers!

How are you? I’m living very cold days here, plus I have been very ill two days ago, but I’m already feeling better today. If only my house could be warmer… >_> Anyways, let’s talk about serious things.

– Complete GUI remake
If you remember, in my previous post I shown you some GUI graphics from the game. The same day I posted it, I received some precious feedback from three experienced Polycount users, wich gave me very important tips on how to make it look better.

  • The most important thing is that actual GUI doesn’t stand out. Background is orange, buttons are orange, labels are orange… So there’s nothing that really pops out to claim attention.
    So, first thing to do: change the color scheme.
  • Then, the Font style I used is a bit hard to read. And that particular black outline does not really help, and players won’t like that.
    Second thing to do: change font and style.
  • Last but not least, I have to admit that the whole GUI design is under the average for iOS games. I liked it at the beginning, I still like it somehow, but there’s nothing to do: I must improve it.
    Third thing to do: completely change the GUI graphics.

With these points in mind, I will start to work on a whole new GUI wich will be more clear, simple, and easy to read, yet mantaining the actual space and menu organization.

– Development slowdown
The same day I got ill, I received not one, but two paid requests to build a website, one for a pizzeria, and one for a custom repair garage. Perfect timing! Since I’m just in the need of some cash, I need to slow down development of Beach Marbles Racing in order to build these two websites in the shortest time possible. I will start to work on them next week, and I have to complete both sites before the end of February, so expect less updates on the Dev Diary during this month.

– Official Beach Marbles Racing Facebook page
As I said in my previous post, I opened an official page for the project on world’s most famous social network. You can find all the links on the right sidebar! Like us and share our page with your friends: your help is precious to spread the word about this game!

One last thing, I have also added a “Make a donation” button on the right sidebar; if someone of you is willing to land an hand at me, is extremely well accepted. :) Anyways, since I have been ill these days, I didn’t manage to work on the new GUI before, so I have nothing really new to show you about the game (sorry)! This post is everything for today, see you at the next update with some screenshots of the new GUI! Thanks for reading, and good night!

Mr. Drayton

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