Tournament mode completed!

Tournament mode completed!

Good morning followers!
Just this night I finished the Torunament mode and fixed many small things, wich I previously left apart during all the works on the sceneries. The game structure is complete, with all the Classes and Cups to win, and with all the criteria to progress in the Torunament and obtain new unlockables. I still need to specify the criteria to unlock marble designs, since I’m still using the placeholder designs.

The game progress is very simple. When you start the game, you only have one racetrack and four marble designs per material, but you can unlock more in Tournament mode. This mode is organized in a very classic way; it features three marble Classes: Plastic, Glass, and Metal. Each class features four Cups, and each Cup is made up of three race Events. So, in this first version of the game, there is a total of 36 races to complete in order to unlock everything. Remember that you must finish first to progress!
In further updates I will add new Cups for each Class, wich will unlock new sceneries, designs and racetracks.

The following screenshots show the various screens of the Torunament mode, in the right order: Class selection → Cup selection → Event selection. The fourth screenshot shows the end-race results when in Tournament mode: a text announces whenever you unlocked something new or not.

Class selectionCup selectionEvent selection

Now that Tournament mode is fully working, it’s time to test the game like an end-user would: playing from start to finish, in order to verify that everything works correctly! It’s a dirt work, but someone has to do it…

Then, there are several things left to do before the whole game is complete and ready to be submitted to Apple: marble designs, particles, musics, sound effects, tutorial screens, and some other little features that make the game more enjoyable. I suppose it won’t take more than a month, if everything goes smooth.

Lastly, I’m preparing a Facebook page for Beach Marbles Racing, so you can follow the Dev Diary from WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. Well, this is everything for today, thanks for reading, and have a good day!

Mr. Drayton

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