Twelve tracks done, new lights, new shadows!

Twelve tracks done, new lights, new shadows!

Hello web people!

Poor Macbook… Today its CPUs and me had to struggle many times with GI, SSAO, MSAA, and other similar things, in order to get the correct combination. What are they? What’s that combination? In the end it doesn’t really matter! What matters is that finally I have some neat lighting and shadowing on the racetracks! Take a look:

The game now is really nicer to see, and obviously way better than before. Just do a comparsion with any one of the old screenshots! Lighting is way smoother, and there are shadows. Honestly, they just had to be there…

Speaking a bit more technical for the curious people around there, what you see is not realtime shadows, neither lightmapping. Simply, I baked all the lighting of the scene directly into the texture of the racetrack. In this way, there is no cost in terms of texture size and graphic processing: nothing changed, it only looks better!
Marbles are affected by shadows too, and their own shadow is always positioned  depending on the sun positions. But this was already there before.
I know, it’s nothing really incredible, but I love to speak about these things. :3

What you see is the newborn twelfth track, the only one that has new lights and shadows. Let’s say I did it more for the sake of experiment… But since the result is really good, all the other tracks will get the new lighting system, obviously. And now, new screenshots! Enjoy them. ;)

This is everything for now. Thanks for watching and stay tuned, because it’s only matter of days in order to finish all the 15 tracks. See ya next update!

Mr. Drayton

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