Update on…

Update on…

Hello again followers!

If you were expecting updates on Beach Marbles Racing… Well… Ehm… I’m really sorry, but I haven’t any. :(

The fact is that last days were full of things to do, and most times these were things to do for others. As a result, I had very few time to spare for myself… It’s a consequence of being too kind with other people: I always end up to waste time for things that are absolutely useless for me; but I consider myself too kind with my friends, and so, shit happens. My time becomes their time.

Apart from this, I have something very important to say: I have been hired at EgoRego in Rome for a full time job, in the position of iOS App Developer with Unity3D and Xcode: if you think better about it, I’ll do at work the same things I actually do at home (more or less). :D
I literally couldn’t ask for something better: I’m going to be the lead programmer, contract is legal (so no undeclared work), salary is excellent (higher than my father’s one, hell yeah), people working there are young, smart and cool, I will have my own iMac to work on… And everything without the need of graduation! Take this, high school! Obviously I need to learn some things during the first times I’ll work there, so I already bought the right manuals.
The big downside is that I’ll waste 5 hours on public transportations, because the office is really far from my home. So, wake up at 6:30, leave at 7:30, start work at 10:00, finish work at 18:00 and come back home at 20:30. This means no more time to dedicate to my projects, if not from 21:30 to 24:00… :(

It kinda makes me sad now.
I want to work on many personal things, but I need to have a stable job.
I want to try extreme ways, but I can’t be indipendent without an economical earning.
I want to dedicate my time to my projects, but I need to have something more concrete in my hands.

And so I feel happy and sad at the same time, because now I have a real work where I do things I like, but I won’t have time to do things I like the most…

I will sign the six-months project contract these days, but I’ll start to work in two weeks. In these six months I will learn more things about programming, and I will work on a complex App. After this time, EgoRego may offer me a permanent contract if I liked the experience and If I worked enough well for them. Actually I don’t know what to say about it: time will speak!

And that’s all for today. Thank you for reading this post, wich may have bored you (in that case, sorry)! I’ll try to keep everything updated as things go on, soo see you around!

Danjel Ricci

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