void LateUpdate ()

void LateUpdate ()

Unity programmers will get the title. :P

The more I plan the future development of my games, the more something else gets in the way (may it be good or bad, that’s not really important). But that’s the indie way, filled with ups and downs like there’s no tomorrow!

Three months since the last update… YEAH, welcome to another summary post, finally! It’s awesome how this Dev Diary got to 6400+ visits even without constant posting. I love you. <3

  • Slowpoke


These days I kinda feel like this good old fella. Of course you remember him, it’s that famous Pokémon which was slow as hell, but after all everyone liked him! Yes, I feel like Slowpoke: I’d like to “evolve”, but I always go so much slow. You don’t probably know it, but The Speed Fragment project started more or less one year ago, exactly in November; after all of this time, all I have is a pretty limited tech demo, which is also not very improved from the original concept. Beach Marbles Racing instead started almost three years ago, and it’s still stuck there where I left it more than a year and an half ago (it’s also my fault, but at least the game is almost complete). I’ve been into indie game development for around four years now, and it always happened: when I’m about to make a big step, something bigger happens and I have to deal with it no matter what (and as I said before, it’s not always a bad thing). As a result, no one of my games was ever finished or released.

So, I’m at it again. Two months ago, the quantity of work I had to do for my office felt down around 5% of the original load, leaving me with all the free time I wanted. As soon as I decided some timelines for The Speed Fragment, as soon as I got all the engines warmed up and running for starting a campaign… A new paid job popped up! Okay, this new job will only last until February, but well… This blocked me once again. Despite how frustrating it is, this time I’ll work with another friend on a small game, so I think it will be finished soon.

…But still, I’m in pause again!

  • The Speed Fragment

During the last two months, the works on the game were mostly related to bug fixing and preparation for a new and polished public demo, which would have been released before the end of October. But as I said, as soon as the work started, the new paid work popped up, so I had to throw away all the timelines. The only real progress was behind the scenes, since I fixed some serious bugs that would have been triggered when navigating too fast in the menus (hahahaha, the irony). Thinking of it, did I already show you some screens of the new track prototype?

This should be a big town square. Trust me!

This should be a big town square. Trust me!

Approaching the giant loop.

Approaching the giant loop.

Jump ahead!

Jump ahead!

  • Indie Speed Run and Asylum Jam

Game Jams are some of the joys of being indie, I swear. I think I everyone knows what a Game Jam is, so let’s go on! The two Jams both took place in Rome, respectively on the end of September and on the beginning of October. If you followed SGX’s social accounts, you have probably already seen everything of this. :)

The Indie Speed Run was literally a blast. The main common theme was “speed” (hahahaha, the irony again), but every team had a different element to put in the game (in our case, “battering ram”). Our team of 4 members won a lot of prizes: first place for Best Unity Game, first place for Best 3D Graphics, third place for Best Technology and also third place for Best Jam Game (everything, obviously, relative to the Rome location, out of 11 entries). We developed Ram Downhill, a reckless game where you control a battering ram going downhill and crushing things. You can download the Jam build from the relative ISR page, but keep in mind it’s really bugged. We did not finish everything in time and many bugs were left over, but we’re still working on the final version, which I hope we can release kinda soon. Here are some screens:

Not the most polite game of the Jam... Cow jam!

Not the most polite game of the Jam… Cow jam!

Smashing random things on the path!

Smashing random things on the path!

Les bois, les monts, les vallées bleues, les prés, les fleurs... (cit.)

Les bois, les monts, les vallées bleues, les prés, les fleurs… (cit.)

Then there was the Asylum Jam! It has been an event way, way smaller than Indie Speed Run, most like an in-house jam, and without any real competition. The jam theme was about horror games, but without using any stereotype of mind insanity. This jam was quite unfortunate to be honest, as we formed an unique big team of around 10 developers… But it lacked teamwork and organization. At the end of the Jam, there wasn’t any real playable game, but just a really limited tech demo of a simple scratch-built 3D engine and some 3D assets.

Since I thought from the beginning that creating an unique team wasn’t a very good idea, I went solo and started to make a boardgame based on the same game of the team! At the end of the Jam I had a working prototype of the game, smoething like a luck-based “roguelike” about surviving inside a space station, while trying to disable a dangerous AI. As soon as I will have all the graphics and the rules out, I will upload the whole PDF online, so everyone can print it and play. Here’s a photo of the early protytpe (made with B/W printers, colors were apparently out of order):

Many pieces and dices of the "Module X" boardgame project.

Many pieces and dices of the “Module X” boardgame project.

  • Project pages and derp speech

This is kinda weird, but I noticed only recently I have no project pages for The Speed Fragment and other smaller things. I should really add them as soon as possible. To be honest, I should decide to buy a server and start a serious website with a more decent page format… In the meantime, enjoy some online ultra random fake Text-To-Speech thing I made. It will probably be included in our Age Of Silence project. :D

As usual, I suggest to follow my Twitter or Facebook streams, just because I’ll be posting there much more often than on this Dev Diary. Thanks again for reading!


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