Beach Marbles Racing

Beach Marbles Racing

non-Retina iPad resolution

Play the classic game of marbles in Beach Marbles Racing! Choose your design for plastic, glass and metal marbles, and race on nostalgic tracks made out of wet sand. Flick the marbles through jumps, tunnels, slopes and enjoy the beautiful sights of three sunny shores. Up to four players (both human or CPU) can race together in this turn based game.

  • 15 sand tracks
  • 3 different sceneries
  • 20+ marble designs
  • Three different marble materials
  • Single player modes (Custom Race, Tournament)
  • Local multiplayer race
Wish list
  • Complete code refactory
  • Change in core gameplay (with simultaneous turns)
Target platforms

iOS – Android

Development status

Since a complete refactory of the code and of the gameplay is necessary, the development of Beach Marbles Racing is currently halted. No ETA is planned for this game, though the development may resume in the spare time between other works, later in 2015.

Images may not represent the final look of the game.