Ram Downhill

Ram Downhill


Take control of a battering ram and launch yourself in a relentless downhill ride, destroying everything on your path to reach the castle. But pay attention: the battering ram is really weak and will collapse if you hit an object without swinging the hammer! This short game was created during the Indie Speed Run 2013 in Rome.


Beta version – Windows / OSX
Please note this version is still very bugged as we had no time to fix it! To restart the game, you need to force quit.

  • Simple gameplay
  • Randomly generated path
  • Every element is destructable
  • Made in less than 48 hours!
Wish list
  • Complete polishment and bug fixing
  • Online score ladder
  • Better object details
  • Mobile release
Target platforms


Development status

This project is currently halted. There are no current plans to resume it or to fix the actual demo, but this may change later.

Images may not represent the final look of the game.