Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About our games and apps available on App Store and Google Play

None of our currently published apps collect or send to us any kind of user or device data by any means. Any kind of crash and log report generated by the app is stored on the device only and is never sent to us. While our apps may use third party plugins, we verify that none of these are capable of collecting and sending user and device data without our direct control.

If you are using a version of Sky Driver prior to 1.5, we recommend to update now. Versions of Sky Driver prior to 1.5 did collect and send to us anonymous device informations using the Google Analytics for Unity plugin. These informations contained: device model, OS version, nation where data originated from, session length. While these versions are no longer available on the mobile stores, collected data is still available to us on Analytics servers. All the stored data was and will be used only and exclusively to study and improve app behavior and distribution. No collected data is used for any other finality, is sent or sold to other entities, or is stored elsewhere outside of the Analytics platform.

About this website

The SpeedGraphX website is built using WordPress, which automatically use cookies to track visitor views, browser data and OS version. This data is used by us only and exclusively to analyze website traffic. None of this data is used for any other finality, is sent or sold to other entities, or is stored elsewhere outside of this domain.

This website features a Contact form which users can compile to send mails to our inbox; the mails will contain user name, user mail, optional website and request text. These informations are only sent after the user purposely input them in the correct fields, an presses the “Submit >>” button.
User mail is compared by Spam Protection plugin (by CleanTalk) against a list of possible known spam addresses in order to prevent spam on this website. User mail is then used in no other ways by Spam Protection plugin.
After we receive a mail through the aforementioned form, we only use the provided data in order to reply to inquiries and reports, and to provide a better support service to users. Data received in this way is never used for any other finality, is sent or sold to other entities, or is stored elsewhere outside of the SpeedGraphX mailbox.